Our full blood black Angus and wagyu-angus cross become mothers to our full blood wagyu calves. We put full blood wagyu embryos into our Angus cows so the calf is born and raised naturally. This process allows us to ensure that our full blood wagyu calves have the highest quality genetics offering you top quality beef. 



Our herd was established using embryo transfer technology that brought frozen Wagyu embryos from Asia, Australia, the United States and Canada. Embryos are implanted, born and raised by Black Angus brood cows. This way a fullblood Wagyu calf is born. Otter Creek produces embryos to retain in the herd and for export. Every animal in the herd is genotyped, this means that the DNA is analyzed to reveal genes related to beef quality. Marbling, tenderness, fat melting point and flavor are all predicted by these tests. Therefore, breeding combinations can be selected to yield the best possible beef. Otter Creek Farms has also invested in state of the art animal husbandry tools to provide humane, stress free handling of the cattle with precise traceability of the final product.