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full blood wagyu & Black Angus 

Otter Creek Farms

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Quality from farm to table is our guarantee. Order our fresh premium beef today.

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What Is Wagyu?


Wagyu is a Japanese breed of cow

Wagyu beef is known for its marbling and rich flavour. 

Many Wagyu farms will cross-bread wagyu cows, which still carry many of the characteristics in their rich flavour.

At Otter creek farms we want to offer the highest quality meat on the market. we value the delicacy of a %100  full blood wagyu.

We are proud to offer full blood wagyu products. 

No added hormones or antibiotics.

Product of Ontario.


Our Cows

At Otter Creek farms we raise

black Angus and wagyu



We have Full Blood Black

Angus, Full blood agyu, and

wagyu-angus cross.


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Where to Find Us?

Highway 38

Kingston, Ontario, Canada.